Rainbow Elephants

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Somewhere Over The Rainbow

A rainbow is a wonderful and natural phenomenon, which we can sometimes observe after a rain shower in summer. The colours seen in the sky in form of an arc are caused by the reflection of light or sunlight in water drops. Every rainbow has seven colours beginning with red and ending with violet or purple, the so-called colours of the visible spectrum. Each colour has its own meaning and the elephant is a symbol for power, dignity, intelligence and peace. Both the rainbow colours and the elephants have been combined in the Rainbow Elephants poster. The subtitle on the bottom of the poster reads: No animals were harmed in the making of this artwork. This work was made exclusively with vector techniques.

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Rainbow Elephants | A few more details

The colourful Rainbow Elephants poster is printed on a coated satin paper with a bright white finish that produces sharp details and a wide range of solid colours. The texture, feel and appearance of the paper is smooth and boasts a scratch resistant coating which produces robust high edition print material. Because of the coated paper, the ink does not get absorbed by the paper fibres and stays on top. This gives the artwork richer colours and the paper a somewhat soft shiny finish. The artist’s signature is discreetly shown on the Rainbow Elephants poster. This unique poster print is available in most of all sorts of sizes. Comes without a frame and ships safely rolled in a durable cardboard tube.

Made after a summer rain shower in Sweden.

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