Sensual Naomi Naomi Watts

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Wouldn’t you want to see her
the first thing you wake up?

This beautiful portrait tries to catch the magic of amazing Naomi. CAUTION: She may cause dizziness, stomach troubles, headaches, inability to think, weakness in your knees – making it hard to stand up straight near her. Naomi has sex appeal that turns heads like swivel chairs. She captures your attention immediately and seduces you with her innocent look. She’s giving people sort of trance moment in which time stands still. This exceptional artwork was entirely painted and coloured with different vector techniques. Made for all those with a great taste or those having a lifelong passion for women and for stunning beauty.

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Sensual Naomi Watts | A few more details

The great Sensual Naomi Watts poster is printed on a coated satin paper with a high degree of opacity. The texture, feel and appearance of the paper is smooth and boasts a scratch resistant coating which produces robust high edition print material. Because of the coated quality paper, the ink does not get absorbed by the paper fibres and stays on top. This gives the artwork brighter colours and the paper a somewhat soft shiny finish. The artist’s signature is discreetly shown on the Sensual Naomi Watts poster. If you’re looking for something special, in a large format to fill a big blank wall with, this is the one. Perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, student rooms, workplaces and more. Comes without a frame and ships safely rolled in a durable cardboard tube.

Made with excitement in Sweden.

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