Movie Clap | Vertical poster

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And Action

Much like the art of cinema itself, this minimal movie poster is a unique piece of art. The detailed high contrast black and white design combined with the catchy bold title and the supporting tagline take you behind the scenes. The illustration of this important filming tool and good cinematically thinking make the poster worth a thousand words. That’s the art of the minimal movie poster, telling so much with so little.

Made after a night at the movies in Sweden.

:: Cinema is a mirror that can change the world, so is this poster, it can change your walls. – calo


Movie Clap | Vertical poster | Alternative movie poster | A few more details

The black and white Movie Clap poster is printed on high grade coated paper with the latest print technology using up to 12 different inks, which provide more texture, more colour brilliance and deep blacks with crisp and dense lines. We use enhanced coated satin and/or semi-glossy high quality paper. The paper is of solid weight and withstands handling fairly well. A copyright line is discreetly shown on the Movie Clap minimal movie poster. Perfect for living rooms, student rooms, workplaces and more. We recommend to frame your BadFish poster for better protection. Comes without a frame and ships safely rolled in a durable cardboard tube.

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