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Come on and zoom in, again!

The word Zoom has many meanings. It either can be a buzzing sound, a rapid movement, a dramatic increase, an energetic action, or simply a zoom lens. Up to you to choose your cause or act of Zoom. Just be zoomed. The graphic print shows the big bold white capitals ZOOM written sideways on a plain flashy cyan-blue background. Plus and minus symbols are integrated in the centre of each letter O. The bold typography and the striking blue colour are very catchy, especially in a larger format. Zoom is simply a cool word. If you’re looking to fill a big blank wall with something special, this is the one.

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Zoom | Poster | A few more details

For the Zoom graphic print, we use semi-glossy paper that has a little reflection. The paper is coated and has a smooth, bright white finish that produces sharp details and bright bold colours. The high quality paper is of medium weight and withstands handling fairly well. The artist’s signature is discreetly shown on the Zoom poster. Add your personal style to everything in your home and business with cool BadFish posters. This unique poster print is available in most of all sorts of sizes. We recommend to frame this poster with UV filtering glass or acrylic for better protection. Comes without a frame and ships safely rolled in a durable cardboard tube.

Made with the head tilt to the left in Sweden.

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