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There’s a little Geek in all of us…

A gecko is a tiny acrobatic and agile lizard that can run up walls and lick it’s own eyes. Geckos are unique among lizards and so are geeks among humans. A geek is a non-mainstream person and brilliant in computing. Used as self-reference, geek is a term of pride but when used by outsiders, it is often considered offensive. Both, the gecko and the geek are very gifted and extraordinary creatures. The vector designed artwork shows a small black lizard sitting on a computer keyboard combining both the computer geek with the gecko resulting in the name: Geek-o and the line Proud 2B. The flashy green background reminds the colour of the tropical bright green gecko which is contrasting very well with the solid black colour. Geek-o was made for all the geeks lost in cyberspace and those who love this special design.

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Geek-o | A few more details

This special Geek-o poster is printed on a coated satin paper with a bright white finish that produces sharp details and bright bold colours. The texture, feel and appearance of the paper is smooth and boasts a scratch resistant coating which produces robust high edition print material. Because of the coated paper, the ink does not get absorbed by the paper fibres and stays on top. This gives the artwork richer colours and the paper a somewhat soft shiny finish. The artist’s signature is discreetly shown on the Geek-o poster. This extraordinary poster print is available in most of all sorts of sizes. Comes without a frame and ships safely rolled in a durable cardboard tube.

Made after a system crash in Sweden.

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