Bad Fish

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STOP the madness

With this artwork, we want to draw attention to the fact that every year, tens of millions of sharks die a slow death, because of shark finning. Finning is the inhumane and cruel practice of hacking off the sharks’ fins and throwing their still living bodies back into the ocean. Because of the increasing demand for shark fins for traditional cures and shark fin soup, most sharks are considered endangered. The black and white illustration shows the silhouette of a gigantic shark’s fin. The most feared sighting imaginable for every surfer or swimmer. The shark earned its bad reputation as a Bad Fish, because of accidental attacks, mainly due to misinterpretation, confusion or curiosity of the animal.

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Bad Fish | A few more details

The cool Bad Fish poster is printed on a coated satin paper with a bright white finish that produces sharp details and a solid black colour. The texture, feel and appearance of the paper is smooth and boasts a scratch resistant coating which produces robust high edition print material. Because of the coated paper, the ink does not get absorbed by the paper fibres and stays on top. This gives the artwork a richer black colour and the paper a somewhat soft shiny finish. The artist’s signature is discreetly shown on the Bad Fish poster. This unique poster print is available in most of all sorts of sizes. Comes without a frame and ships safely rolled in a durable cardboard tube.

Made being aghast in Sweden.

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