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The invasion has begun

Hundreds of flying saucers have been spotted over Nevada. Aliens from the planet Quintumnia, who crashed near Roswell in the year 1947, and were being held captive for almost 68 years, escaped from the National Classified Test Facility (formerly known as Area 51) in Southern Nevada. The extraterrestrial fugitives killed 21 soldiers and 37 personnel. It is believed that they have joined the invasion. The only existing illustration of one alien made the day of their escape, shows the little green creature, wildly gesticulating and screaming in Quintumnian language, standing on his flying saucer, which measures ca 12 meters in diameter. This rare work was made exclusively with vector techniques.

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Alien | A few more details

This unique proof, Alien, is printed on high quality coated paper with the latest ink technology that allows us to reproduce an excellent image quality with bright bold colours. This rare Alien illustration will look great framed and will make sure to scare people to the bones. The artist’s signature is discreetly shown on the poster. Add your personal style to everything in your home and business with cool BadFish posters. Perfect for student rooms, kid’s rooms, all non-invaded areas, workplaces and more. This unique Alien poster print is available in most of all sorts of sizes. It can be shipped anywhere in the world and will be delivered without a frame safely rolled in a strong cardboard tube.

Made for the press in Sweden.

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