A Drop Of Chanel N°5

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The scent of a woman

Modern black & white typography print with Marilyn Monroe’s famous quote:
What do I wear in bed? Why, a single drop of Chanel No 5 of course, nothing else. XXX – Marilyn Monroe
With this one sentence, Marilyn Monroe cemented the perfume’s reputation as the most desirable fragrance in the world.

Made wearing Chanel No 5.

A Drop Of Chanel N°5 | A few more details

The typographic A Drop Of Chanel N°5 poster is printed on a coated satin paper with a bright white finish that produces sharp details and a solid black colour. The texture, feel and appearance of the paper is smooth and boasts a scratch resistant coating which produces robust high edition print material. Because of the coated paper, the ink does not get absorbed by the paper fibres and stays on top. A discreet footnote with the poster’s title is shown on the A Drop Of Chanel N°5 poster. This gives the artwork a richer black colour and the paper a somewhat soft shiny finish. Comes without a frame and ships safely rolled in a durable cardboard tube.

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