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Safe packaging | To be packed and protected!


This gorgeous ’Black Lips’ poster has been ordered yesterday. But you may wonder if it will arrive safe and sound?

If you ordered a poster from us and you’re looking forward to receiving your poster, don’t worry about the shipping or poor packaging. We will not put your precious poster in harm’s way. Because we have long time experience with shipping posters. At BadFishPosters, we take special care with your posters and the packaging.

All our posters are put in STRONG 5cm or 7cm or greater diameter cardboard tubes with thick walls with at least 2mm or thicker.

Before placing your poster in the tube, we wrap it with cushioning material (silk paper). Additionaly, we secure it with 2 paper strips which are taped (we do not tape the posters and do not use rubber bands). This method will protect your poster from unraveling and from moving inside the tube which could damage it during transportation.

The tube is locked on both ends with 2 strong plastic lids and secured with additional tape.

Convinced now? Make an order here.

Thank you for shopping with us.


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