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Reservoir Dogs ON SALE | Love it. Buy it. Hang it.™


Reservoir Dogs | To Marvin (poster on the left) and Reservoir Dogs | Let’s Go To Work… Want these two great movie posters in your room? Both amazing posters are on Sale this week with 20% off!

Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs, without question a major touchstone in today’s cult cinema. These two posters will not only remind you about the robbery that didn’t go well. And the cool idea that bad guys, in the time between jobs, blab about the same banal stuff the rest of us do, but in a much more colourful way. It will also remind you the fact that loosing an ear can be very painful.

Listen to ‘Stuck In The Middle With You’ every time you look at them.

Here at BadFishPosters we can’t run on free love alone. Of course, we’d be crazy to take money for our posters. To make you feel good, we give you 20% off in exchange. Ain’t that nice?

As always, a cool BadFish poster comes in 3 easy steps. 1. Love it. 2. Buy it. 3. Hang it. It’s as simple as that. Come and get yours. What are you waiting for?

For these unique Art prints, we use fine satin paper that has little reflection. The paper is coated and has a smooth, bright white finish that produces sharp details and bold colours. The high quality paper is of medium weight and withstands handling fairly well.

Available in our Shop in different sizes and formats. Secure and fast payments through PayPal. Worldwide Shipping.

Thank you for shopping with us.


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