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NO Posters For Old Men. | When you’re still young at heart…


Violent, colourful, poetic, gripping, thrilling and blackly funny, we do what we do best, creating and designing beautiful visuals and posters for your home.

Great introduction, isn’t it? Indeed, our prints are not your usual average design posters from around the corner, but some damn fine and pretty ones. You know, making art, it’s hard to live by the rules, we never could and we still never do. BadFish posters all break out of the norm. They remain as standouts because they are inherently different and unique.

Becoming a proud owner of such a good poster is quite simple. If you are looking for something special, your search has come to an end. If you love great designs and we believe you do, visit our shop, loaded with a fine selection of cool posters you can directly order from us.

BadFishPosters is your daily source for better wall decoration. With a long lasting high quality BadFish poster you’ll love, we will not only make you happy, but we will write history together.

We all love awesome design, that’s what motivates us to inspire you. Find out more in our Shop.

Your BadFishPosters Team


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