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Naomi Watts | You can leave your hat on!


Who wouldn’t want to sing this cool Joe Cocker song while looking at gorgeous Naomi Watts ? Who wouldn’t love to tell her: Baby take off your coat… real slow… and take off your shoes… I’ll take off your shoes… Baby take off your dress… yes yes yes… you can leave your hat on!?

Much as Hitchcock’s women, the graceful beauty looks like the blonde sister of her good friend Nicole Kidman. She’s English but raised in Australia. She won our attention and desire in ‘Mulholland Drive’. And we fell in love with her ever since.

Naomi is best known for her eclectic film roles and glacial beauty. As a result, she is also a style icon, gracing the cover of countless fashion magazines. But unlike her tragic film roles, Naomi seems of the mindset that tomorrow is a new day. We all know where this kind of optimism has gotten her so far…

The artist illustrated Naomi scantily dressed, wearing a dark blue Fedora and sock suspenders. Believe it or not, one of Australia’s most talented and acclaimed actresses took a seat in our bar to have a drink. Made after taking a cold shower here in Sweden. Meet her here.


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