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Striped Tomato and General Lee…

Striped Tomato – This iconic movie cars poster (on the left) shows a close-up shot of the famous Starsky and Hutch red Ford Gran Torino with its nickname Striped Tomato. Made as a tribute to a great car and TV show of the mid-seventies.

General Lee – The artwork shows a close-up shot of the side and the top of the famous Dodge Charger with its nickname General Lee. A part of the battle flag of the Confederate States of America on top. The black racing car number 01, splattered with mud on the typical orange colour of the famous car. Made as a tribute to a great automobile, inspired by the early-eighties TV show.

Made riding on a wave of nostalgia in Sweden.

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As always, a cool BadFish poster comes in 3 easy steps. 1. Love it. 2. Buy it. 3. Hang it. It’s as simple as that. Come and get yours. What are you waiting for?

For these unique Art prints, we use satin paper that has little reflection. The paper is coated and has a smooth, bright white finish that produces sharp details and bold colours. The high quality paper is of strong weight and withstands handling fairly well.

Striped Tomato and General Lee posters are available in different sizes and formats. Secure and fast payments through PayPal. Worldwide Shipping.

Thank you for shopping with us.


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