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Love. That’s what this poster is all about. It is hard to put into words. In fact, there are no words to describe it, except for the word itself. What can we say or write about the ultimate word what has not been said or written yet? Libraries filled with drama and passion. Ages before Christ, from Plato to Shakespeare, they said it all. But to completely understand this word is to feel it. The ultimate feeling is all around us and there is no greater power.

If you are or been in love, you would know that it is one of the most rewarding, important, and sometimes confusing emotions that we can experience as human beings.

You might be more likely to find it if time is on your side than if it were not. But be careful who you look at, because if you look into a stranger’s eyes, you can fall in love. And heartbreak is real.

There are three different kinds of love that are a product of two different pairs of basic components:

  1. Romantic = passion + intimacy
  2. Companionate = intimacy + commitment
  3. Fatuous = passion + commitment

Of course, the truest and strongest of all is the consummate one. In other words the perfect combination, which consists of all three components.

The ultimate word, beautifully designed with big bold dancing letters. A great typographical style poster to say: I ❤️ you.

Our friendly colleague Malin ? was so kind to hold this beautiful poster for you.

Fall in ❤️ with it and get yours here.


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