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Let’s be DIFFERENT. | Own a BadFish poster!


Generally, we’re not so prepared to be truly different. Why? Let’s blame the system. Most of us grew up with similar names or dressed in similar clothes. We went to similar schools or bought the same posters. We fit in. But now, the time has come to change. Yes, let’s choose to be different!

It may start in your own home. We don’t all need to fit into the same mould. Quite frankly, imagine how boring that would be if we did. Being different can sometimes mean you think a little more outside the box. Or it could mean decorating your walls differently.

There are many reasons why one should opt for a BadFish poster. Just because you grew up with empty walls, doesn’t mean that this is your life direction. Don’t allow yourself to be pigeonholed by uncool décor tradition. Try not to stereotype. Have your own style. You can follow a different path by embellishing these walls of yours.

Here’s how.


Depending on what your relationship is with your walls, you usually want one of two things. You want to wallpaper or to paint them. But most of all, you want to decorate them. It may even be somewhere in between. As we all know, decoration dynamics can be complicated.

Decoration is one factor, which can change the mood and settings of a place in a few minutes time. Our posters increase the aesthetic appeal to your room. The unique artwork is different and appealing to the eyes in the most charming way. Which gives a feel good factor to all those who are in contact with it.

So, without a doubt, it all starts with difference. Decorate your walls and bring an appealing quotient to it. BadFishPosters is different. BadFishPosters is better. Bring our unique style into your home. It’s that simple.

Never has a sentence about posters received more head nods than the one below.


Your BadFishPosters Team


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