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Leon: The professional | CAUTION: Mathilda is using real bullets now!


The beautiful vector illustration shows a desperate twelve-year old New York girl, pointing a gun at you.

Her name is Mathilda and lives an undesirable life. She lives among her half-family and with a father who stores drugs for a two-faced cop. One day, that cop and his team take cruel revenge on her father. Because he was stretching their drugs. The whole family is being murdered in cold blood. Mathilda survives because she was out shopping at the moment of the killings. Returning home, she becomes witness of the killings and tries to find shelter in Leon’s apartment, her next door neighbour. After a while, she finds out about the strange neighbour’s unusual profession. Leon is a professional assassin, a so-called ‘cleaner’. Now, Mathilda desperately falls in love with him and seeks Leon’s help to revenge her little brother.

A tribute to the 1994 cult movie ‘Leon: The Professional’ by Luc Besson
Quote: I haven’t got time for this Mickey Mouse bullshit. – Stansfield

Made wearing a second chance vest in Sweden. Have yours here.


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