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Kill Bill | Revenge is a dish best served cold…


Kill Bill is a brutal revenge tale of a young woman called ‘The Bride’. Aka ‘The deadliest woman in the world’. She is gunned down on her wedding day by Bill, her onetime boss and lover. She wakes up after a four year coma. But the baby she carried in her womb is gone. Now, as a highly trained assassin, she seeks vengeance on those who betrayed and tried to kill her. The bloody saga of the Kill Bill Volumes begins. And in the end, The Bride will eliminate Bill himself.

This blood splattered artwork is a tribute to the 2003 movie Kill Bill by Quentin Tarantino.
Cool quote: I need Japanese steel. I have vermin to kill. – The Bride

The artist designed this cool poster entirely with vector techniques. A remarkable artwork in which he illustrates the unique yellow leathers with the black stripe of the Bride’s fighting jumpsuit. The black circle splattered with blood represents the vicious circle she’s in. The discreet thin red words Kill Him are her thoughts on her bloody trail of vengeance.

Made after a wedding in Sweden. This is a must have for all Tarantino fans. Come get yours here.


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