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Gas Mask Girl | A frenzied phobia of the unknown…


Just as she turned around… She saw pure evil… Her body started shaking. Even though she was scared to death, she went closer to take a look. She could hear her pulse beating in her ears…

The contrast between the beautiful lines of the female form and the harsh, industrial design of a steampunk gas mask is very striking… The image of a woman encased in this foreboding mask, unable to tell us what horror she is looking at. Is death staring her in the face?

Inspired by the aesthetic Goth subculture.

Quote: Everything you want is on the other side of fear. – Jack Canfield

Contrast is the foundation of all design. The astonishing black and white artwork shows a pretty thirty-something woman wearing a gas mask. She’s showing off her voluptuous figure in a skintight latex dress while holding a human cranium in her hands.

While she’s standing there in front of you, you might think how scary and beautiful she looks at the same time wearing that mask. Also you might think how utterly protected she is from the poisonous gas. But are you aware how defenceless you are looking at her? Hell, where’s your gas mask?

Made holding my breath in Sweden. Grab your gas mask girl here.


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