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Femme fatale | May cause death!


The classic femme fatale (pronounced in French [fam fatal]) resorts to murder to free herself from an unbearable relationship. Most likely a relationship with a man who would try to possess and control her. The femme fatale is a very attractive and seductive woman. Usually characterised by her long lovely legs. To achieve her hidden purposes, she uses her beauty and her intelligence. Furthermore her charm and sex appeal.

Because she refuses to play the typical role of the devoted wife and loving mother, she rejects the institution of the family. Marriage is a trap, a complete no-go, particularly for the femme fatale. She finds it loveless and confining. Most of all, sexless and boring.

A femme fatale has absolute power over men. She exudes a unique sexuality, which she uses to define herself and manipulate men. She uses all of her cunning and sexual attractiveness to gain her independence and to achieve her goals. Those who become involved with her and fall for her charms, often find themselves in either compromising, dangerous or even deadly situations.

Quote: A beautiful woman is a beautiful woman, but a beautiful woman with a brain is an absolutely lethal combination. – Prabal Gurung

Because the femme fatale is as dangerous as a loaded gun, this amazing graphic poster shows a black 22 caliber revolver on a crimson red background. On the lower part of the image, the words ‘Femme Fatale’ are written in white. White, the colour of perfection to show the apparent innocence. And of course red, the colour of blood and fire to show the dangerous attraction. Make it yours here.

The artist’s dedication to all independent and self-confident women.


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