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We feel like Superman | Any phone booth around?


BadFishPosters and Superman, huh? Well yes, it’s our story about how beautiful, and cool, and funny, and exciting it is to live, play and create at BadFishPosters. We love to think of BadFishPosters as being like Superman.

BadFish really is a disguised vision of Superman. We are just like this character, whose bravery is superheroic, totally different and totally attractive at the same time.

Like Superman, we are capable on the one hand of making beautiful design, creating awesome art by transforming the poster culture. And at the same time and in a very strange and reassuring way, we are capable of not being put back in the box. And so BadFishPosters is meant to somehow be an emblem of outstanding design.

BadFish don’t need no seatbelt!

Our philosophy, that good is never good enough, has paid off! Just like Superman, we always go (run/fly) the extra mile, because we care. Great teamwork helps us meet our goals and deliver high quality work.

Every single poster (and we mean that!) has to pass our QC and will be carefully packed for shipping before it leaves the warehouse.

Our mission is by far simpler than fighting supervillains or saving the world. We want to bring colour into people’s lives and make them happy with our products. We want happy customers!

Quote: The ‘amazing’ can only be created by facing fear, risk and failure during the process. – Joel Brown

Discover our newest creations here. Thank you for shopping with us. ?

Your BadFishPosters Team


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