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There will always be those who feel left out – the black sheep. Usually outcast because they choose to do other things, than to live up to expectations. Thinking and behaving differently, they are an easy target to become scapegoats.

Quote: The only people who ever called me a rebel, were people who wanted me to do what they wanted. – Nick Nolte

Inside a hotel…

The artwork shows a confused monkey wearing a bellboy hat, holding a sign saying: Blame it on me! or in other words: If there’s no one else to blame for, blame it on me.

Mixed vector techniques and grunge have been used to give The Bellboy poster a cool vintage look. This piece of comic Art is made for all those who feel misunderstood and left alone. And for all the rebels with or without a cause, and dissidents in this world.

Made in a hotel in Sweden. If you don’t want to blame yourself, get yours here.


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