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BadFish posters are made at the crossroads between fine Art, popular culture, advertising and the vast field of graphic design. They are an aesthetically refined example of popular Art drawn from all aspects of everyday life. This is what makes BadFishPosters so unique. We demonstrate that an Art of multiples, such as poster design, is an Art form that remains creative and vital in the hierarchy of the established genres of creativity.

Most of all, we believe that all the Arts are equal, that the old hierarchies placing painting as the most significant Art form are challenged and by-passed by the achievements of the printed poster. We challenge the concept that an original artwork should exist in only one example by providing artistic chic in everybody’s home.

Our visual work is significant because it creates a type of imagery that reaches the individual viewer. We create our posters artistically and use words sparsely to let the image speak for itself.

The BadFishPosters team works hard on the effectiveness of our posters in doing what they are supposed to do – bring an end to boring empty walls. We all love awesome design, that’s what motivates us to inspire you.

So, becoming a proud owner of such a good poster is quite simple. A cool BadFish poster comes in 3 easy steps. 1. Love it. 2. Buy it. 3. Hang it. It’s as simple as that.

Come and get yours. What are you waiting for?

This post is only the first step toward a broader understanding of the BadFishPosters phenomenon.

Your BadFishPosters Team


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