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Amy Winehouse is back 2 black…


Today, five years ago, Amy Winehouse passed away. Amy’s music was a blessing, her voice a treasure… She is loved beyond words and missed beyond measure.

The mourning after and why back to black? Because it’s a tribute to Amy Winehouse and to the colour black. Amy will always be in style, so will be the colour.

Black is also the colour to wear on dates. Women or men say they liked the opposite sex to wear the colour. If you’re wondering what colour to wear to an interview, you should opt for black, seen as the colour of confidence. If you want people to think you’re confident, sexy and intelligent, the answer is clear: wear black. Black is THE colour.

Quote: Black is modest and arrogant at the same time. Black is lazy and easy — but mysterious. But above all, black says this: I don’t bother you – don’t bother me. – Yohji Yamamoto

The typographic black and white poster shows the words Back 2 Black in bold letters, one of Amy’s famous songs. Made wearing black in Sweden. Grab your black here!


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