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The kiss is an act of showing love and affection. Passion of course. We kiss a friend, lover, husband, wife, child, father and mother. We kiss every close human beings and even animals, we care about.

In our society all sorts of kisses are accepted, though there are many different types with different kinds of meanings. Every kiss should come from the heart and from the soul.

Amongst many others, the list is long…

There’s the eskimo ‘nose’ kiss, the friendly and respectable one on the cheek, the hand, the air, the intimate, the erotic, the romantic long prolonged and the French kiss. There’s also the kiss on the forehead, but we focus on the one to say goodnight.

The goodnight kiss is for young lovers one of the most exciting moments on a date. In a relationship, the deeper meaning behind Always Kiss Me Goodnight is to stay always affectionate, loving, caring and never go to sleep mad at each other.

Quote: With a kiss let us set out for an unknown world. – Alfred de Musset

Great typographical poster with big outlined black and white letters and the word KISS dominating with a flashy red colour, symbolizing the importance of love and affection.

Made before going to sleep in Sweden. Get your kiss here.


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