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Hooked? People often think about an addiction with a negative connotation. But what about being addicted to success? Or having a deep passion? Seems like impossible? No, not at all. Here’s how.

First of all, when we’re addicted to success, we are captivated, hooked! Most likely, we’re absolutely unable to escape this feeling. Unable to get off the hook. Consequently, it will help us focus on our goals, and stay on track. Because with a thoughtful and well-defined vision of success, getting addicted in such a positive way can help drive us forward. Therefore getting hooked on success can create the inner force we’ll need to reach our goals.

 The road to happiness

Whatever problems will occur along the road to success, face them. Don’t run away from them. And don’t try to hide from them. Not everything in life is easy. Success can be a rocky road. Believe in yourself and do things you think best. Do it your way. Don’t let people tell you otherwise. Be persistent like an English Bullterrier. Every day, and live your life, as best you know to do. Focus on the important things. Have fun and try to make a positive difference. Most days, you’ll do a pretty good job. Some days you won’t. But all in all, it works, and you can be happy and grateful that you got the chance to do it again today.

After you’ll experience the first feelings of success along your path, just take a moment to affirm them. Have a look at this funny poster that will remind you about this particular milestone or achievement.

The artist illustrated the letter ‘o’ being attached to a hook hanging from above. The letter has been captivated. The flashy orange background is the combination of an energetic red and a bright yellow colour. Orange, the colour of success and enthusiasm. It also inspires attraction and fascination. But most of all, determination and happiness. Made on a fishing trip here in Sweden.

A must have for all workaholics, entrepreneurs, gamers and passionate individuals out there. Start getting hooked here. Own it either in square, vertical or in a horizontal format.  Choose between small, medium and large sizes.

Quote: I think we’re all hooked, I feel my own hook-ness on immediate gratification you know. I want what I want. – Jeff Bridges


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