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Starsky and Hutch | Striped Tomato!


‘Zebra Three, 10-4!’ The radio call often heard in the legendary TV show Starsky and Hutch (1975-1979). Fans tuned in to see tough Starsky and smart Hutch, two street wise cops bust criminals in Bay City. Not to forget the car chases involving the roaring 1975 Gran Torino. At the time, it was a must to watch these two coolest detectives solve murders and pick up the pieces from when drug busts went awry. Of course there was Huggy Bear, their cool informant who provided them with invaluable information. In addition, they gained great support by their tolerant superior, Captain Dobey who always defended their actions, no matter what.

A tribute to a great car and the Starsky and Hutch TV show of the mid-seventies.
Trivia: It was actually planned to use a green and white Chevrolet Camaro instead of the red and white Ford Gran Torino. But luckily, it never came to it.

The iconic poster shows a close-up shot of the side of Detective Dave Starsky’s iconic 1975 Ford Gran Torino – who some might say was the real star of the show. The famous car with its nickname Striped Tomato. The Torino earned this nickname after Hutch sarcastically said in one episode: That thing looks like a striped tomato!

Made riding a wave of nostalgia in Sweden. Investigate and own it here.


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